October 26, 2017  /  Heir

Location: Leeds

FFO: Flyte, Marsicans, Fickle Friends

Label: Unsigned

Colliding 80s nostalgia with gritty, organic songcraft, Heir delivers an irresistible DIY-pop gem with their new single, ‘Need You the Most’ (mixed by Chris Kasych – Adele, HAIM, Vampire Weekend). The track, with its slick production and glossy instrumentation, exudes a classic 80s vibe with its choppy guitars and punchy rhythms that pack enough force to get anyone onto the nearest dancefloor. When talking about the song, they state that “Need You the Most is a song about that moment you catch someone’s eye and you know you’re both thinking the same thing – your surroundings become irrelevant. In that very instant, only the two of you matter.”