October 25, 2017  /  Dutch Party

Location: Los Angeles, US

FFO: Pajaro Sunrise, Belize

Label: Ransom Music Group

Brainchild of Ken Franklin, LA indie alt poppers Dutch Party return with ‘Now and Later’; a chilled out retro track, with a video inspired by Franklin’s love for the 1961 film The Hustler. Combining the sounds of noughties lo-fi, echoey C86 vocals, British Invasion organs and the drive of a Joy Divison bass line; ‘Now and Later’ has the sounds of past and present packed into its three minute timespan. It is well crafted, but has all the vinyl crackles of an analogue sound and supports the band’s mantra of ‘high flying lo-fi’. ‘Now and Later’ also makes us excited for the upcoming release of the band’s second EP Combat Pop, set to be dropped sometime this Autumn.