November 16, 2017  /  Amy Milner

Location: London/Los Angeles

FFO: Empara Mi, Bryde

Label: Aesop


Amy Milner recently teamed up with Jens Kuross for her latest project and the the finished product is quite simply spectacular. Aptly named ‘Heal’, is a soul-soothing, moving melody with a galloping drum track signifying growth and the notion of moving forward with no desire to look back.

Commenting on the track, Amy says: “Heal is about the inexplicable yet inescapable pull of a person you know isn’t doing you any good to stay with, but you persist nonetheless. As much as you might try to turn a blind eye to all that isn’t right, as much as you might try and get them to change, you ultimately know there’s no hope and that unhappiness and division is inevitable. That first step away isn’t easy at all.”