August 6, 2018  /  H Kenneth

Location: Nashville

FFO: Jordan Mackampa, Jake Isaac, Henry Jamieson

Label: Unsigned

An incredibly talented songwriter, having written for the likes of Nightly, Chord Overstreet and Sleeping With Sirens. Not to mention taken his hand successfully to writing songs for film and TV shows. Now, he’s setting himself free to creatively flow with his brand new solo project, H Kenneth.

‘Now And Then’ is straight off his upcoming debut album ‘This Is A Journal’, set for release on August 31st. Hoping to highlight the beauty in imperfection, the album has mistakes purposefully left in; from botched chords to timing errors all the way to wrong notes.

Combining genre influences from Country to Jazz, Pop to Broadway, H Kenneth is showcasing a truly unique sound that we’re sure you’ll love.