November 24, 2017  /  Thunder Jackson

Location: Oklahoma / Cardiff

FFO: Huon Kind, Anderson .Paak

Label: Unsigned

“What exactly is a Thunder Jackson?” This question posed at the beginning of the song can only be answered by a listen (or two) of the mysterious duo’s absolute storm of a track: ‘Guilty Party’.

Sounding like a mix of 80s dance, sizzling pop and just a dash of funk, ‘Guilty Party’ is the smooth soundtrack to a bohemian night out in a neon-lit city. Revealing next to nothing in their interview for NME, the “caped and crusading” Thunder Jackson appear to be revelling in their own mystery, letting slip only that the duo met in a star-crossed taxi ride on the “Sunset Strip”. Their mystery and intrigue is part of what makes this track so exciting, and perhaps without context is the best way to enjoy the indie-pop sensation that is ‘Guilty Party’.