June 25, 2018  /  Grand Analog feat. Maiko Watson

Location: Toronto, Canada

FFO: The Roots, Gorillaz, J Dilla

Record Label: Grand Analog Music

The Toronto beat junkies have done it again. ‘Donna Summer’ sees Grand Analog create the perfect summer disco track. There was a time when The Roots were not just a Jimmy Fallon backing band, and were the best live hip-hop band in the world. Live hip-hop (hip-hop created with live instruments) has a certain flair and sound that, in the main, can’t really be replicated by just simple sampling. It’s great then that we have the return of one of the best live hip-hop bands in the Americas, Grand Analog.

The band are a group of collectors, beat junkies and musicians, who together have released countless albums, EPs, and singles, dominating the Canadian hip-hop scene. Their new single ‘Donna Summer’ is aptly named; ready cooked for the summer, ‘Donna Summer’ sees the band combine old-fashioned mc-ing with perfect disco and hip-hop inspired beats to make a song that will undoubtedly be the soundtrack of the summer nights in Canada and around the world. With the soulful vocals of Maiko Watson, the band hark back to an 80’s aesthetic that is truly missed.