February 11, 2019  /  Gold Connections

Location: Charlottesville, VA, USA

FFO: Car Seat Headrest, R.E.M., Pavement

Label:  EggHunt Records / Fat Possum Records

After the success of their first album ‘Popular Fiction’, Gold Connections are back with their brand new single ‘Like A Shadow’.

Full of brooding drum beats and crackling guitar tones, this latest single is a sound of an indie-rock band in focus. For the new generation of thouthful writers within the indie-rock community, this is a must listen.

Will Marsh, founder and lead single of Gold Connections talks about the new single, “I wrote this song at the beginning of a strange period in my life – marked in equal by graduation, the election of our new president, the end of a relationship, and the fulfillment of my lifelong dreamt to record a studio album. Reality was shaken and the range of possibilites was shifting. ‘Like A Shadow’ is about the struggle to move forward into a world that seems both infinetly precarious and abundant.”

And goes on to talk about the recording proccess, “While I had the same studio team as ‘Popular Fiction’, this is the first time I’ve recorded with the folks I also tour with. I wasn’t experimenting with college friends, or nailing it down with hired guns, but playing with my own band. We were able to evoke the grittier lyrical themes with our weathered camaraderie and live energy.”