May 11, 2018  /  Girlhood

Location: London, UK

FFO: KWAYE, Suzi Wu, Mr Jukes

Record Label: Team Talk Records

‘Milk & Honey’ shows off the trademark soul and fantastic instrumentals of London-based duo Girlhood. The duo are comprised of vocalist Tessa Cavanna and producer Christian Pinchbeck, who met each other on Pinchbeck’s narrowboat (more on that later). ‘Milk & Honey’ sees Pinchbeck utilise his love of The Fugees and The Avalanches to great effect, throwing in vinyl-scratches onto a beat based upon sliced saxophone and crisp piano lines. This is soul and R’n’B mixed with hip-hop production styles, and forms the trademark Girlhood sound that we have all come to love.

Now, that narrowboat. The story of the Cavanna and Pinchbeck’s meeting is an odd one to say the least. Pinchbeck lives on a narrowboat on the canals of London, and happened upon Cavanna after hearing singing by his boat. Taking a chance, the producer approached Cavanna and asked if she would like to record on his boat (it doubles as the studio for the pair), and the rest is history. Girlhood channel some of the best of the hip-hop producing greats, and are a duo that need to be listened to.