March 20, 2019  /  Dre Skuffs

Location: New Jersey, United States

FFO: J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco

Label: Paid in Full Entertainment

Dre Skuffs releases his latest single ‘Gimme My Cash’ featuring Khalil Jibran, with his modernised east coast hip-hop sound and jaw biting lyricism this offering comes straight from the new album ‘Shade Theory’.

Updating a genre known worldwide, Dre matches this hunger inspiring sound of beats and piano with his undeniable message to be heard. Having previously caught attention across Europe and the USA, this artist is climbing to new heights.

Dre Skuffs holds the ability in ‘Gimme My Cash’ to have the listener entranced in a story whilst also being able to have the freedom to expand their own minds and add introspection to a track so full of life. It’s a breath of fresh air in subtlety and truly brings hip-hop a light in 2019.

To unravel the world of this rising artist, his latest album ‘Shade Theory’ is available on Spotify with a whopping 18 long track list, showing that Dre is a worthy contender into the industry.