February 22, 2019  /  Hannah Evans

Location: Brighton, UK

FFO: Billie Eilish, NAO

Record Label: Unsigned

Well, Brighton, it’s time to hear your Billie Eilish. An astounding debut, Hannah Evans‘ ‘Under Water’ is a dark, brooding pop song that will shock and amaze the UK. Touching on themes of mental health, ‘Under Water’ showcases the bombastic vocals of 20 year-old Brighton native Hannah Evans. Touched with a hint of auto-tune, Evans’ vocals dominate the song, leaving the listener with nowhere to hide. Backing her spectacular vocals is an instrumental that is dominated by dark and deadly synths, reverberating throughout the track at a menacing pace. ‘Under Water’ combines all the best of contemporaries Billie Eilish and NAO with Evans’ unique vocals, leading to a track that is bound to be a smash hit in 2019.

Evans has let the music do the talking. With just a small press release (and no superfluous corporate speak), Evans is happy for the listener to make up their own mind about her music. Well, we here at Born are certainly on board!