May 2, 2019  /  Daniella Mason

Location: Nashville

Label: Independent

FFO: Sigrid, Dua Lipa, ALMA

Gaining quite the reputation for super catchy synth-pop, Daniella Mason has seemingly got her hands on the perfect formulae for the ultimate earworm.

Keeping things simple and letting her powerful vocals and super catchy hooks shine through, this is pure pop gold. Continuing her State of Mind sounds series that began last year with the Emotional State EP. The upcoming Mental State will be the second of a total of four EPs to come from Mason. All titled as different states (Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual), all with the aim of exploring different parts of humanity that we can on times suppress and have a hard time openly embracing.

If you’re a fan of shimmery pop goodness, then we just know that you’ll love this new effort from Mason and that she’ll have firmly placed herself on your radar.