May 2, 2018  /  Natalie Prass

Location: Ohio, USA

FFO: Soccer Mommy, Lucy Dacus

Record Label: ATO Records

In anticipation of her new album ‘The Future and the Past’, Natalie Prass releases ‘Lost’, an astoundingly beautiful piece of chamber pop. Prass is an expert of the love song. Her 2015 self-titled debut album was a roaring success, garnering many fans of her lush and warm take on chamber pop. With ‘Lost’, her third single of 2018 is full of pure romance. Singing about becoming lost in a love that might be harmful for herself, this exquisite piano ballad is simple in its execution, yet all the more better for it.

Prass’ delicate vocals are awe-inspiring on this track, effortlessly swirling with a string section that builds and builds with heart throughout the track. If this track is anything to by, her upcoming album will be a tour-de-force. Unlike many of her pop contemporaries, Prass is arguably concerned with quantity over quality. Having waited three years before releasing her sophomore album, the story of the creation of her debut is worth hearing. Her debut was ready to go, until the the presidential election happened. Becoming devastated with the result, Prass scrapped the record, instead electing to record a feminist triumph that attempted to lift many who may have become distraught with the current politics. With three years between the last and this next album, there can only be good things on the horizon for Prass.