May 21, 2018  /  FVLCRVM

Location: Slovak Republic

FFO: Nvmeri, Bulp


If you’re looking for something truly unique, look no further than FVLCRVM, the Slovakian producer and DJ who’s set to take the world by storm with his masterful blend of dance, future and UK bass, combined with an eloquent pop sensibility.

‘Words’ is the producer’s latest release, following on from his viral club hit and aptly named introduction, ‘Hi!’, which see’s his fully fledged sound really come into fruition. Mellow electronics and deep rolling bass combines with complex and intricate drum arrangements bringing a powerful groove. It’s quietly apocalyptic (if there can be such a thing), bringing a hushed sense of impending doom that’s replicated by the video’s glimpse into a mind-blowing vision of a gloomy future.