June 8, 2018  /  Kalon

Location: Berlin

FFO: Blinders, Avalanche Party, RedFaces

Label: Unsigned

With their debut recorded in Berlin and mixed by Audio Engineer Richard Flack (Florence & the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age), Kalon are the ones-to-watch indie rockers who are set to take the scene by storm.

Having first met in a bar in the Neukölln district in Berlin, the founding duo guitarist Tobias Hanel & lead singer Janik Setz soon began building a following by promoting their music through dating apps, until eventually sharing their raucous debut ‘Gotta Let Go’ as the quartet they are today. Expressing the energy of early Arctic Monkeys tinged with the classic guitar sounds of The Strokes, Kalon are a band that ride the line between early indie nostalgia and fresh-faced rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s a musical cocktail that’s sure to grab taste-maker attention across the UK. Don’t forget to swipe right!