May 16, 2018  /  Franke

Location: Brooklyn, New York

FFO: Dax, Dylan Matthew

Record Label: Unsigned

Franke has done it again. The talented musician has provided his trademark pop leanings to cloud rap on latest track ‘PLAY NICE’, a fearsome rap banger. Franke is holding no punches on this latest track. With clear anger over ‘fake friends’, ‘PLAY NICE’ is the best of Soundcloud rap: atmospheric synth pads, 808 bass, trap beats, ‘PLAY NICE’ is keeping to the trademarks of the genre while still adding its own flourishes.

Franke has been releasing music from the age of 16, and his background in pop is evident on his rap songs. His falsetto voice is clearly well trained, and adds an expert edge to this track, whereas many other rappers will sometimes hide under a layer of autotune. Franke has released another banger, and it wont be long before he hits the mainstream with a bang.