November 26, 2017  /  The Tates

Location: Wales, UK

FFO: MGMT, LCD Sound-system

Label: Libertino

‘Water’ is the infectious new single from Welsh five-piece The Tates. Building on from the success of previous single ‘Electric Girl’ and bearing the imprint of producer Steffan Pringle (Estrons, Himalayas, Future Of The Left), the track is a brighter and bolder pop statement. The guitars shimmer throughout and form the perfect backdrop to Liam Fusco’s vocal lines. It is a track which will be in your head the moment you hear it, and we can’t wait to see them play it live!


As the Tates explain; “‘Water’ asks a poetic question exploring themes of nature over nurture. Are the flaws that we share with our parents who we are, or have we learnt from them? Are we free to be the people we want to be or are we trapped by our genetic makeup and our immediate environment and society?”