October 12, 2018  /  FINNEAS

Location: Los Angeles, USA

FFO: Ieuan, King Princess, Sasha Sloan

Label: Unsigned

It’s hard to pin down the star quality to FINNEAS‘s songwriting, heard most famously in his sister Billie Eilish’s work, but it’s ever clear on new song ‘Luck Pusher’.

Self-described as ‘dark croon’, it’s business as usual for FINNEAS on ‘Luck Pusher’: dangerously intimate vocals that border on whispers, strange and beguiling metaphor choices, and ominous acoustic guitar-heavy rhythms.

While there’s many recognisable folk and singer-songwriter vibes to FINNEAS’s music, he manages to evade stereotypes, perhaps helped by his unique melodic turns and favouring for clear, wet sounds in his productions. It’s hard to make comparisons or even describe why his songwriting ‘works’, but nonetheless, it does, and long may he continue.