November 16, 2017  /  Shy Luv

Location: Manchester

FFO: Avante Black, Keir

Label: Black Butter Limited


Shy Luv release ‘Lungs’ including the same-titled EP, showing off their prowess as musicians with chiming guitar melodies and poignant, bitter-sweet vocals. The “psychedelic-pop” track is an immersive melancholic masterpiece, inviting listeners into the capsule of the trippy world of Shy Luv.

Commenting on ‘Lungs’ Shy Luv say, “Lungs came from us wanting to create something nostalgic for ourselves, something that people at our gigs could sing back to us, or take that same feeling away with them. It’s written around saying too much in a relationship and wanting to take back what you’d said, telling someone you love them and then almost regretting it.”