August 28, 2018  /  Fifi Rong x Lo

Location: London, UK and Mannheim, Germany

FFO: Flume, Sparrows, Yosie, Soku

Label: Self-released

LO‘s subtle racing techno runs back Fifi Rong‘s haunting and child-like vocals as “The Crown” opens. The title track from their new collaborative EP due next month comes from a forlorn place, as Rong wistfully concedes that “love expired and love is gone”.

All in all, a melting pot of sounds bleed into each other as the beat of the first chorus breaks through. Taking elements from old school dance, UK bass, future house and avant-garde sounds, it’s a testament to LO’s production and mixing skills, as he manages to balance all these sonic choices with such a complicated rhythmic structure.

Having both enjoyed success separately – winning support from The Fader, Majestic Casual and Clash amongst others – the strengths of both artists are played to on “The Crown” without sounding forced.