May 22, 2018  /  Elliot James

Location: Los Angeles, USA

FFO: Corwin, Frank Ocean, Xiu Xiu

Record Label: Blossom Records

Elliot James has stripped everything back, and made a quiet and quite beautiful love ballad that pulls at the heartstrings. It’s not often that we compare much music to experimental band Xiu Xiu here at Born, but this latest Elliot James single evokes some of the weirdness and eclectic instrumentation of the band. This is singer-songwriter music taken to it’s most minimal extreme. A song that is made up of few constituent parts (synth pad, acoustic guitar and vocals), the song is almost mist like, having an almost air like quality. Like sitting on a cloud, ‘Fiend’ is sensual, beautiful, and at times quite harrowing. Elliot James here has proved himself to be a masterful songwriter. Quite like Frank Ocean’s ‘Blond(e)’, James has chosen the ‘less is more’ approach on this latest single, and that choice is a huge success.

The accompanying music video is also understated. Starring Natalie Eleftheriadis, this one shot video is emotional and quite heartbreaking. Eleftheriadis emotion is palpable, and gives the song an added kick of soul and feeling. Having released an EP last year, we can’t wait to see what Elliot James does next.