July 5, 2018  /  Fever Joy

Location: Los Angeles, CA

FFO: PVRIS, Actor, The Magic Gang

Label: Brave Colour

Born and raised in Indonesia, Avery Robitaille was 18 when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, where she met Sean Baker and Kevin Holm whilst performing at an open mic in Orange County. Together, the trio make-up Fever Joy, the alt-pop aficionados who have stormed onto the scene with their debut track, ‘Shots.’

Produced by Adam Castilla of The Colorist and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd), it should perhaps come as no surprise that ‘Shots’ is a work of alt-pop art, serving as a call to arms to listeners to take hold of their life, and not be afraid to “call their own shots,” especially when it comes to relationships.

Chugging riffs and rolling percussion lays the groundwork, with Avery bringing the fire in her confident vocal delivery amidst low-key electronics and synth. There’s nothing over-saturated here, a welcome freshness to the contemporary scene that often relies too heavily on over-production.