May 14, 2018  /  Richard Walters

Location: London

FFO: Trent Dabbs, Matthew Perryman Jones, Andrew Belle

Label: Pilotlights Music

Gentle rawness and stripped-back emotion is what UK singer-songwriter Richard Walters brings to the table; and it’s simply fantastic.

‘This Fire’ is the London artist’s third single released this year, a candid, piano-led melody that follows the stunning track ‘You’re Like A Song’ and ‘Break Bread,’ and sees Walters working again with south-coast producer Patrick James Pearson (Grace Lightman, PD Liddle, Dry the River). There’s a beautiful melancholy present in Walters’ music, and ‘This Fire’ carries the mantle seamlessly, toning down the electronics present in ‘You’re Like A Song’ to place his echoing vocal at the forefront of the soundscape.

“‘This Fire’ was a direct result of listening to the Tom Waits song ‘Martha’ about 400 times over a week and just trying to write something as simply effective and emotive as that; piano and vocal, nothing more.” explains Richard. “Lyrically, I’ve been reading a slew of musical biographies recently, and wanted to write about the toxicity of so many creative partnerships and relationships, this idea that being beside someone can be equally exhilarating and exhausting; sometimes you get warmth and other times you get burnt.”