October 7, 2019  /  Faux Ferocious

Capturing the same rattle-stop punk energy of Parquet Courts, Viagra Boys or newbies Squid, Nashville natives Faux Ferocious return with their latest outing ‘No Pressure’. A frenetic tour de force, the four-piece follow their 2019 album Pretty Groovy and enter their next phase with a celebratory 7″ release with fellow AA-side track, ‘Good Times Ahead’.

“Like everything we do, it’s kind of an amalgamation of a lot of different stuff,” vocalist and guitarist Terry Kane recently shared on their Billboard premiere. “On everything we write we try to make it difficult to pin us down. But, yeah, we’re definitely Devo fans for sure, and huge Neil Young fans and Meat Puppets and stuff like that.

“We’ve always been hugely broad-based listeners, and still are to this day. We like bands that don’t necessarily fit into one category of music, and that’s what we want ours to be, too.”

‘Good Times Ahead/ No Pressure’ is available now on 7″ vinyl via 30th Century Records.