October 9, 2019  /  Fake Fake

Canadian two-piece Fake Fake solidify their sound with the jazz inflected R&B of ‘Pretty Black Balloons’. Hailing from Victoria, Charlotte Hynds and Justin Campbell’s relationship morphed from casual collaboration to real friendship, birthing a fruitful writing collaboration to boot.

Following in the wake of debut outing ‘Goodnightmare’, ‘Pretty Black Balloons’ offers a different side to the band and hones in on a more tender and cinematic vibe. “Like a short story or film, everything that is purposefully left out of has equal importance to what is kept in,” share the band of the track.

“We wanted to harness those key elements that make listeners crave revisiting a song, and engaging with it more intimately after the first listen: the same way we often return as listeners to a certain hook, tone, or one-time sound that is never repeated again in the same way throughout some of our favourite pieces”.

‘Pretty Black Balloons’ is available now.