November 7, 2019  /  Fade On

Plenty of synths, an enviable falsetto and an insatiable hook, Fade On’s new effort ‘Ice Cream’ is to die for.

Sam Schall, aka Fade On, is pushing the boundaries of his music to create something truly genre-less sound. ‘Ice Cream’ takes a new approach to pop, with a lot of 80’s influences floating around and a good helping of darkness. It’s a mind-melding treat of a track.

Speaking on the track, Sam has revealed that it’s “an exploration of modern relationships. It’s how I see a lot of relationships right now, including my own. Most frequently meeting people online. A lot of times we’re just satisfying lust. Which is a lot of fantasy and make believe. The lack of real human interaction alienates you. And most of what we create in these relationships is all in our head.”