May 17, 2018  /  Eager Seas

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

FFO: Fine China, Watashi Wa, Copeland

Label: Armacost Records

‘Fade Away’ is the latest release from California natives Eager Seas. Citing influences ranging from The Police and U2 to Men At Work and Pearl Jam, the San Luis trio craft mellow indie-rock with classic songwriting at its heart.

‘Fade Away’ is beautifully poignant, revolving around the damaging nature of selfishness and greed. It’s a brilliant showcase for what the band are all about; no wishy-washy pop or trying-too-hard-to-be-different, Eager Seas hit the nail on the head with a raw, personal songwriting sensibility and lush guitar-led production.

“The song is a journey through a life lived in selfishness and greed,” explain the band. “A life lived in this kind of isolation is a life that in the end, is an empty shell.”

The video captures the essence of the track perfectly emanating feelings of isolation and lonliness, as it follows a man (played by Will Brill from Netflix’s The OA) as he wanders through blurred, closed cityscapes, eventually coming full circle as he returns to the sea, this time alone, without the blurred figures that begin the video behind him.