July 4, 2019  /  Evie Irie

Location: Sydney

Label: Republic Records

FFO: Emily Burns, Sigrid, Dua Lipa

We’ve still not got over 15-year-old Max Blansjaar’s latest and now another young name has blown us away. 16-year old Evie Irie from Australia has quickly garnered a lot of attention for her talents penning super catchy soul-pop bops.

So much so that she’s taken the leap and moved across the globe to Nashville to further her career, and well, it’s certainly paid off as she’s landed herself a record deal with mega name Republic Records who’ve helped her get here, to the release of her debut single ‘Bitter’, which is rightly our debut of the week.

Off-kilter, glitchy, production complete with a hook that will easily embed itself in your head for days. This is certainly a grand entrance, to say the least.

Of the track, Evie explains, “I’m singing to myself because in the song I’m the reason why I’m being bitter because I’m judging myself and I’m thinking everyone is judging me—when really I’m my own enemy. The song is me escaping that mindset.

But, we hear you, how does one so young get so good at songwriting?! Well, it’s said that she’s drawn a lot of inspiration from stories her older sisters used to come home from school with when she was a bit too young, plus she’s utilized the POV of her shy best friend alongside her own first experiences of being in the states.