May 6, 2018  /  Tony Njoku

Location: London

FFO: Joe Armon-Jones, Yazmin Lacey

Label: Silent Kid Records

Nigeria-born experimental artist Tony Njoku has released ‘Through This Darkness’, the interlude track of his latest album H.P.A.C. Tony endured an abusive, religious and homophobic upbringing in Lagos. It wasn’t until he was transferred to school in London at the age of 14 that his music blossomed. Rapping transformed into singing and experimentation and he found his voice. As a result, it’s no surprised ‘Through This Darkness’ takes form as part prayer, part lullaby which echoes his strict Christian onset. In context of the album, the track acts as an intermission where he contemplates death before returning to life.

Tony provided a personal insight into the track: “I feel as though on ‘Through This Darkness’ I was trying to come to terms with something, maybe depression, and maybe mortality. I’m trying to accept some kind of fate, whilst at the same time calling for comfort, or perhaps companionship – because whatever that fate may be I don’t want to face it alone.”

Tony Njoku will be headlining at Off The Cuff, London on 12th May.