June 11, 2018  /  Black Grapefruit

Location: New York

FFO: Mo Laudi, Jumping Back Slash

Label: Unsigned

Starting out as experimental pop duo SOS, Brian Dekker and Randa Smith have rebranded and rediscovered themselves as Black Grapefruit, announcing their hugely anticipated follow-up album All My Relations featuring lead single, ‘Mind.’

In an album rich with introspection, ‘Mind’ is an exuberant pop standout that reflects upon the joys of life in all it’s beauty. The duo bring a rich sonic palette; pulsing Afro-Caribbean beats and intricate vocal harmonies encompass an arrangement rich with musical detail. It’s pop with feeling, carrying all the signature catchiness and danceability, but with a unique flavour in Randa’s euphoric headphone-filling vocals, a synthesis of her mother’s West Indian roots and the gospel of her father’s American South, tinged with a chart-topping pop sensibility.