February 18, 2019  /  Idlewild

Location: Scotland

FFO: The Twilight Sad, Wilco, Sonic Youth

Record Label: Empty Words

The song that is bound to storm Spotify with it’s idiosyncratic psychedelia, Idlewild do it again with new single ‘Dream Variations’. Hot on the heels of their new album ‘Interview Music’, Idlewild make a long-awaited return after three years out with this latest oozing, mysterious psychedelic effort. Fronted by a hazy vocal performance from Idlewild founder Roddy Woomble, ‘Dream Variations’ hazily dances around the listener’s eardrums, it’s synths, distorted guitars and powerful bass line evoking a bygone era of 70’s guitar bands. Idlewild prove here once again that they are experts at their craft; this is beautiful psychedelia at its finest.

This latest single comes from the aforementioned new album ‘Interview Music’, due for release on the 5th of April. After taking a break in 2010 from making the music, the band’s triumphant return with ‘Everything Ever Written’ in 2015 garnered a mass of critical acclaim and led the band to doing some of their biggest ever shows. In spite of this, the band did not rest on their laurels. Immediately starting work on ‘Interview Music’ straight after ‘Everything Ever Written’, the band have spent the best part of four years crafting a meticulous sound that is bound to astound listeners new and old.