May 22, 2018  /  The Fontaines

Location: Los Angeles, USA

FFO: Metronomy, Parcels

Record Label: Unsigned

‘Freak’ is a sex liberation anthem, and The Fontaines are leading the charge. Comprised of brother and sister duo Hank and Charlotte Fontaine, this new-wave band are making big waves. This latest single, ‘Freak’, is a melting pot of funk, pop, and synth heaven. This is a perfectly sultry, sexy and sassy track that has a lounge vibe that adds to the overall atmosphere of late-night fun.

Lead singer Charlotte Fontaine is eerily reminiscent of Kyle Minogue on this track (most definitely not a bad thing), and this latest track comes from a particularly horrible sexual experience with a sexual partner. Having been called a ‘freak’ by said partner, Charlotte decided to turn that statement on its head, and pen a song that is adamant in its message: it is ok to be you. This is a song that is empowering for people that may consider a kink to be ‘shameful’. Coming from a female perspective, this is the perfect song for our current cultural and political climate. With an equally provocative music video, ‘Freak’ is an empowerment song for the 21st century, and we are all for it.