April 10, 2018  /  Ellevator

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

FFO: Basement Revolver, Matthew Good and Dear Rouge

Label: Arts & Crafts Productions Inc


Canadian four-piece, Ellevator, is an experimental pop-rock band who have been making waves in the music scene for a while. Formerly known as Medicine Hat, the band have been performing together for a few years at festivals and venues across Canada. They’re now currently touring the US and Canada supporting Liverpool based artist, BANNERS.

Ellevator will be releasing their self-titled debut EP later this month, in the meantime, they have teased its arrival by releasing new track ‘Voices’, which the band describes as a “love song”.

Front-woman Nabi Sue Bersche’s nimble, raw vocals are illuminated by hypnotic timbres and the reaching melodies of analogue synths. The defined guitar grooves are focused together by the rhythmic drum beats. The shimmery sweet track is full of energy and is clearly polished.

Ellevator has already built up a solid reputation as a band and their new EP will definitely be one to look out for.