April 9, 2019  /  ELIZZA

Location: United Kingdom

FFO: Sigrid, Glowie, Astrid S

Label: Unsigned

ELIZZA makes her 2019 debut with the anthemic ‘Sins’, as a testament to the power of passion, the song captures the universal experience of letting yourself fall for that unattainable person and the unforgettable feeling of abandoning yourself to romance and desire.

‘Sins’ opens full of alternative-pop soundscapes within it’s framework, enabling ELIZZA¬†to weave her sultry tones between dominant yet fuzzed anthemic bass throughout the chorus, with her larger than life ear-worming lyricism, this song makes a breakthrough towards the warmer months.

Explaining the inspiration being ‘Sins’, Elizza explains the experience of, “Going crazy for someone and making mistakes that feel good, without regretting it.”