November 20, 2017  /  Eli Sundae

Location: United States

FFO: Colleen Green, La Sera

Label: Unsigned


Eli Sundae, the project of Eli Dreyfus, comeback with their second EP Eli Bloody Eli and includes the pop-rock anthem ‘Art Gallery Bruisers’. The grunge-y guitars coupled with pop-punk chord progressions yield compelling melodies and infectious grooves to brighten up your day.

Speaking on the track, Eli says: “I have never had a good night’s sleep in my life, and bedtime terrifies me.  To quell that anxiety, I make and re-make my bed five times a day.  So I’m always super scared to share my bed and my bedroom with someone new: they’re gonna judge me for being a Bed-Making-Nerd, and they’re gonna mess up my delicate blanket recipe with their stupid sexy body!”