April 16, 2018  /  Laney Lynx

Location: Brooklyn, New York

FFO: Haim, The 1975

Record Label: Unsigned

With the sun daring to break through in these coming weeks, it feels apt that Laney Lynx‘s new track ‘Easy’ has graced the world. A track that can act as a substitute for vitamin D, ‘Easy’ swerves and swoons effortlessly, as Lynx’s dreamy vocals are accompanied by a funk-infused electro-pop instrumental made by Lynx’s college friend and produced Drew Ofthe Drew, the two having studied at Berklee. Lynx states that her sound is all about ‘capturing a feel-good, quirky or playful vibe’. As can be heard on new track ‘Easy’, this is very much accomplished. Her ethereal vocals highlight the front-end of the track, moving into a chorus that is built on a foundation of funky-bass and a auto-tuned but soulful vocal that moves up and down the register, a intoxicating vocal that combined with the bittersweet lyrics leads to a perfect pop anthem for the summer months. Lynx describes her artistry as ‘[existing] in the realm of working hard while not taking myself too seriously’. The hard work has certainly paid off, as ‘Easy’ is bound to be a summer hit for Lynx.