October 1, 2018  /  Edward Sansom

Location: Brighton, UK

FFO: Peace, James Bay, The Hunna, Hozier

Label: Unsigned

Edward Sansom calls ‘Headlock’ his stab at dark pop. While the phrase ‘dark pop’ might evoke ideas of dirty electronica, beats heavy with sub and cold vocal deliveries, Sansom has created darkness in a completely different way.

The frantic, rapid-fire hook opens the song, punctuated with driving rock-style guitars before crashing down in tempo as Sansom reaches a falsetto cry. The beat and guitars are bluesy and gritty in sound, calling to mind the passioned music of contemporaries such as James Bay, Hozier and Jack Savoretti.

‘Headlock’ serves as a timely reminder that dark-pop is a phrase that could be applied to many sounds and genres. Sansom knows how to create melodrama and tension in his music without turning to ethereal or atmospheric styles, and it’s a compelling listen.