May 4, 2018  /  Echo Machine

Location: Dundee, UK

FFO: The Killers, George Clanton, The Horrors

Record Label: Unsigned

Echo Machine debut with ‘St Elmo’, a raucous new-wave song that is purpose-built to sell out stadiums. For a debut, Echo Machine are experts at a large sound. ‘St Elmo’ has roaring synth lines that are reminiscent of some of the best work from The Horrors and Tears For Fears, while the vocals are shouted with passion and charisma that perfectly match the sheer volume of the rest of the track.

The band are made up of Ghari Moore, Michael McFarlane and Ben Doherty, three guys who have extensively toured and played in bands all around the world, but are clearly more than ready to put their own stamp on things. The band say that ‘we want to create freedom and fun, great big fist in the air fun that makes your heart pound and your knees tremble’. As can be heard and seen in their music video, they are more than ready for fun. So put on your best lippy, and get wild with Echo Machine.