February 5, 2018  /  Therese Lithner

Location: Umeå, Sweden

FFO: Le Saint, Live Footage

Label: Lazy Octopus Records


Newcomer Therese Lithner applies her stylistic attitudes on debut guitar driven track ‘Drown’. The dark romantic track seems to create a world of its own in which listeners are helplessly drawn into the vast lake of emotion, helplessly indulging and drowning in the satisfyingly gloomy vocal melodies and heart-piercing guitar solo.

Lithner says: “It began as an electronic song with strings (I would still like to release the electronic version later, but haven’t got the sound on it right yet). The song came when I was working with a drum machine and a keyboard. I think you write in a different way then, to writing on guitar (which the other songs are written on, excluding ‘Eviga’ which was written on piano”. 

“It was interesting to record it with ‘real’ instruments. It was a little like doing a cover of the first version. The sound we wanted from the beginning was to remake the electronic version, but with real instruments. But keeping certain parts, like the driving synthbass. I have had both Warpaint and Robyn, and even a little bit of Lorde, as influences when working on the soundscape of this song”.