May 21, 2018  /  Drens

Location: Dortmund/Cologne

FFO: Baker Seats, Berlin Syndrome, The Rival Bid

Label: OMN Label Services

Germany’s surf-punk masters Drens return with another beach-ready anthem, ‘Best Friend.’

Their third scuzz-fuelled strike follows on from singles ‘Wilhelm Be Gone’ and ‘No,’ continuing their fresh brand of summer surf-rock, chugging along with driving beats and punchy riffs, reverb-drenched melodies and biting lo-fi production.

‘Best Friend’ is Drens offering a hand of guidance – they’re done with seeing “fake friendships” and are ready to “pick up their boards and come help you.” No-one deserves to be alone on a Friday night, right? Well turn it up loud and give Drens a call.