May 22, 2018  /  DRAMAS

Location: Vienna, Austria

FFO: Lana Del Ray, Lorde, Gotye

Record Label: Fabrique Records

Blending the organic with synthetic, Austrian duo DRAMAS are enigmatic on their new single ‘Mess’, from their debut EP ‘Libra’. ‘Mess’ is a rousing and beautiful art-pop track, that stands out from the others due to that aforementioned blend of the organic and the synthetic. Lead singer Viktoria Winter has vocals that are akin to Lana Del Ray, a lower register style that oozes charisma and wit. Winter’s vocals are filled with discontent. ‘What a mess/ what a mess/confess’ sings Winter, as violins push and pull out of existence, with wooded percussion adding layers of instrumentation that give this new single an elevation over standard pop music.

DRAMAS are a band that deal with subconscious conflicts and feelings that become conscious issues; this is music about the opposites and contradictions that occur in human existence. Maintaining a focus on subtle synthesis of organic and synthetic, DRAMAS make art-pop that is powerful and evocative. Listen to ‘Mess’ on their debut EP, ‘Libra’, on Spotify below.