May 2, 2018  /  LIONMAN

Location: Sweden

FFO: Shirin, Ida-Lova, Omar Rudberg

Record Label: Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB

Olle Hammar has re-invented himself as LIONMAN, and on new single ‘Don’t You Dare’, he has the conviction of a lion. ‘Don’t You Dare’ is a powerful song, delivering a message of being comfortable with who you are in a world that may not be dominated with people that look like you. This is a mesmerising pop tune that demands to be heard; epic-sounding gospel harmonies fill the chorus, with LIONMAN passionately singing the powerful hook, ‘Don’t you touch my hair’. This is an impressive re-invention for an artist that has had a tumultuous beginning in music.

Hammar appeared on the Swedish singing competition ‘Idol’ at 16, but he described it as a painful experience. Having released a song under his real name in 2014, under the moniker LIONMAN, Hammar has said he has felt at his happiest. In an interview with ‘Soundarts’, states that ‘This is the first time I feel like I’m giving myself an honest chance to present who I really am through my music’. ‘Don’t You Dare’ is a song with a powerful message, and should be heard by many. We can’t wait to see what comes next for this rising star.