May 12, 2018  /  Charge The Atlantic

Location: Nashville, USA

FFO: M83, The 1975

Record Label: KPAP

Charge The Atlantic release the euphoric ‘Don’t Run’, a synth-laden indie pop gem that is both catchy and forlorn. ‘Don’t Run’ is stadium-worthy, a track that is all big and bold. Evoking some of the 80’s nostalgia that has come back with a vengeance in recent years, the band combine the organic with the synthetic to make a fantastic pop ballad that could double as both driving soundtrack and heartbreak classic.

The track has been paired with an expertly produced music video, with some significant backing behind it. Produced by the award winning studio Decaf Grunge and award winning producer Shane Morris, the video is an extension of the meaning behind the song. A charming, neon lit video of a couple falling out of love, we hope that we wont ever fall out of love with the wonderful Charge The Atlantic.