May 11, 2018  /  VON GREY

Location: Atlanta, USA

FFO: Fleet Foxes, St. Vincent, Bon Iver

Record Label: 

VON GREY have done it again. On new single ‘Plans’, the trio create a serene masterpiece that is delicate and immaculate in its execution. The trio comprise of sisters Annika, Fiona and Kathryn von Grey, three classically trained musicians who’s take on alternative rock takes classical instrumentation and majestic harmonies to make truly beautiful music. This is all too evident on this latest track, a stripped-back song that only needs voice and strings. The heavenly harmonies of the three sisters mix with grandiose yet melancholic strings that pull the heart-strings.

Having garnered over two million listens on Spotify, VON GREY’s music is one that is universal for many people. Coming after the release of their late 2017 EP ‘Trinity’, ‘Plans’ is an atmospheric joy that is a beauty to behold.