June 5, 2018  /  Jamie Isaac

Location: London

FFO: King Krule, Mount Kimbie

Record Label: Marathon Artists

On latest single ‘Eyes Closed’, Jamie Isaac is brooding and effortlessly jazzy. This latest single comes from the London based artist’s second album ‘(4:30) Idler’, and is a track that oozes charisma and suave. ‘Eyes Closed’ is the perfect soundtrack to a 4:30am car ride through the abandoned streets of London, cruising to the minimal synths and eclectic percussion that is throughout this song. Isaac’s vocals are delicate, occasionally harmonising with an auto-tuned version of himself. This is a track from an artist who is at the top of his game.

Isaac seems to come from a group of artists working in minimal music in the UK. Many wouldn’t be surprised to know that he originally lived with Archy Marshall (aka King Krule), a longtime collaborator and friend. Where as the aforementioned Marshall is deep, dark and sorrowful, Isaac is on the sweeter side of the spectrum. A classically trained pianist and vocalist, Isaac is able to weave his expertise with minimal, down-tempo electronics, forming some of the most thought-provoking music of his generation. Listen to ‘Eyes Closed’ on his latest album ‘(4:30) Idler’ below on Spotify.