May 9, 2018  /  THYLA

Location: Brighton, UK

FFO: DIIV, The Rakes, whenyoung

Record Label: B3SCI Records

THYLA are back with their second single of the year. ‘Blame’ is a monstrous indie gem that has the perfect amount of kick push forward ahead of the others. THYLA are not content with letting things settle. Hot on the release of their first single of the ‘I Was Biting’, ‘Blame’ turns speed up a few notches, evoking the sound of bands such as DIIV while also adding their own hit of sarcasm and fun.

This is a band where not one constituent part shines above the others: Millie Duthie’s vocals are powerful and hard-hitting, while maintaining a sense of self-awareness and fun; Mitch Duce’s guitar work is all the best parts of modern indie, with that subtle twang of distortion and reverb that is reminiscent of an older sound but still remains n the present; Dan Hole’s bass is pounding and perfect in giving the whole song a strong, punching foundation; and Danny Southwell brings momentum and pace with his rapid drumming, rounding off the perfect indie hit.

Hailing from a very dense community of indie bands in Brighton, THYLA seem to have the chops to put themselves above the others. Having already garnered support from the likes of NME and Huw Stephens, THYLA are on course for a fantastic 2018.