May 3, 2018  /  FEET

Location: Coventry, UK

FFO: King Krule, Superfood, King Nun

Record Label: Unsigned

FEET are back with ‘Backseat Driver’, one part mid 2000s indie rock, and one part the baritone rusty tones of King Krule. Having released the ferocious EP ‘Petty Thieving’ last year, FEET take a step back on this latest track. Though with the odd bursts of blasted guitar, this is a certified indie banger through and through. On ‘Backseat Driver’, vocalist Jeep wants the listener to take life by the scruff of the horns. The entrancing guitars add the perfect amount of jangle to this evocative summer hit, while drums and bass add that extra flavour of bite to give it that signature FEET sound.

The accompanying music video is illustrated by Jeep himself. The video flows from scene to scene, utilising minimal colour schemes to perfectly represent the unwanted attitude that the band want to throw away. FEET are a fantastic guitar-band that are hitting left and right in the UK alternative scene.