September 13, 2018  /  CLARA-NOVA

Location: Los Angeles, CA

FFO: Tiny Deaths, Half Waif, Sam Valdez


French-American alt-pop songstress and artist CLARA-NOVA is gearing up for the debut of The Golden Age EP with the release of her brand new single ‘Cold Water.’

Having had her music featured on numerous films and TV series including How To Get Away With Murder, Shameless, This Is Us, Exodus: Gods and Kings to name but a few, it should perhaps come as no surprise that NOVA can craft immersive, cinematic pieces.

This is certainly the case with ‘Cold Water,’ a track that washes over the listener in a barrage of pulsing synth and off-kilter electronics, with retro sampled beats rattling behind the soundscape. It’s bouncy, up-beat and even a little funky, as guitar licks weave in and out of ear-shot. Her vocal brings a touch of groove too, with her lofty timbre flowing atop the beat with a jilted, catchy rhythm.