October 4, 2018  /  Destroy Boys

Location: Sacramento, USA

FFO: SWMRS, The Regrettes, Goat Girl

Label: Uncool Records

Female-fronted outfit Destroy Boys take aim at female-affronted scenes that don’t want to let the girls play. Their new single ‘Soundproof’ is about singer Alexia getting over her doubts about her ability, and it gets deliciously dirty, with creative hooks, sizzling guitars and a laidback swagger that doesn’t try to hard to be rock’n’roll. It just is.

With tongues in cheek, but not too much, Destroy Boys are part of an exciting California scene full of young women who want to make loud music. It’s a wonderful continuation of riotgrrrl’s legacy, but don’t mistake Destroy Boys as being overshadowed by their foremothers. With less angst and more contemplation, the band are part of a more conscientious movement that is very much of their time. And it’s really cool.