May 10, 2018  /  Denny White

Location: Los Angeles, California

FFO: Moss Kena, Sasha Sloan

Label: Kid Coconut

Hailing from Hemet, California, singer-songwriter and producer Denny White moved to LA to pursue his music career and found himself playing alongside Young the Giant and Dawes. His latest solo project takes inspiration from becoming a new father. Passionate and dynamic, ‘Alone With You’ is the perfect balance between catchy and unique. His velvety vocals soar above an interesting synth rhythm and soundscape, singing emotive, heartfelt lyrics.

Denny revealed more into his newfound perspective: “It’s exciting and terrifying bringing a kid into this world and it’s brought new perspective to everything, whether it’s nostalgic feelings of when I was kid, or struggles with depression and how I need to be a better person for everyone around me.”