March 2, 2019  /  Fuzzysurf

Location: Milwaukee, US

FFO: The Beach Boys, Surfer Blood

Label: Bubbler Records

Fuzzysurf is a surf pop/indie rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

‘Denny’ is the second single off the upcoming album, Fuzzy & The Surfs. The song mixes 1960’s throwback melodies, Classic American surf music, and psychedelia with a modern update to create a succinct easily listenable, surf pop gem. The song lyrics outline a story of a friend’s “bad trip”. The music compliments the lyrics in a clever contrary way by presenting it in a fun, light hearted way, which on first impression, beguiles the listener to the true subject matter of the song.

‘Denny’ is an likeable, laid-back piece of surf rock. Despite its bleak lyrics, the track’s sheer upbeat joy will have you feeling like you’re at the beach regardless.